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Our dynamic audio engine combines perfectly your Use Case with the Bring Your Own Device philosophy.

Low latency audio over Wi-Fi

Smart Streaming removes the last technological barriers to wireless audio. By combining our solution with an ever-increasing number of other digitised features, our customers can significantly reduce the need for third-party equipment, associated logistical costs and technical inconvenience.

Key Features


Superior audio quality

Whether you are conducting a tour, leading a group workshop, or just need reliable way to communicate with your team, our audio engine has you covered. 


Outstanding user experience

We design user experience for people. Our Audio engine ensures a smooth realtime audio experience every time.


Cost optimization

Our B2B-partners experience costs reductions. As users can use their own smartphone as receiver device, hardware maintenance costs may be omitted.

Technology Use Cases

Guided Tours

Say goodbye to the frustration of dropped and bad audio. Upgrade your group guide system today and experience the difference with our low latency audio engine and multiple features.


In addition to Wifi group guiding devices, we offer customised solutions designed to meet the demand of the crusing indudstry. The possibilities are endless, from public announcement systems, onboard radio streaming to automated announcements for guests.

Conferences & Events

Our audio engine is multichannel capable and can stream in multiple languages simultaneously. Designed with scalability in mind, the system adapts to your requirements. To reduce internet bandwidth and for security reasons, audio is distributed locally.


From small to large factory tours, we have the appropriate system at hand. For us, everything is feasible. We adapt our system to the conditions on site. Whether it's a stand-alone portable Wifi solution or the integration into the local infrastructure, we have a solution for every need.

The SmartBox

An audio wifi transmitter

A Wifi device developed for guided tours, which has been constantly expanded and improved with new features.

More Info


SmartEvent is a local audio distribution system designed for small conferences or large events. Thanks to our low-latency audio engine, you can stream multi-channel audio to a large number of devices. Each device plays the audio independently with the lowest possible latency.

The system can be fed with a large number of inputs such as speaker and interpretation. If you want to listen to the speaker, but don't understand the provided language, you can select one of the interpretation channels in the app.

Do you need a solution for your event? Contact us! Whether it's a small or large event, we will find the optimal system for you.

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