ERDF – Smart Streaming Solutions Voicetra GmbH, and its project, is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the State of Brandenburg. The main goal of the funded project is to establish new, WLAN-based technologies for audio transmission.

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Audio transmission solutions via Wireless Lan​

We have just succeeded in removing the last technological constraints audio transmission via Wireless Lan.
Combining our solution with an ever increasing number of other digitized features, our customers can significantly reduce their
need for third-party equipment, associated logistical costs, and technical inconveniences.

Smart Streaming for Smart Companies

Tours & Cruising

Conferences and Events

Industry Solutions

Introducing the Smartbox

The Smartbox is a portable WIFI-Router for real-time live voice streaming
with fitting firmware and customer app.

How it works

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Key features

Superior audio transmission quality
Outstanding user experience
Cost optimization

Our unique combination of hard- and software compoments result in a high end
superior audio transmisson quality.

With our bring-your-own device solution, users do not have to interact with various third-party devices.
Our apps will provide a great user experience.

Our B2B-partners experience costs reductions.
As users can use their own smartphone as receiver device, hardware maintenance costs may be omitted.

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